What is Biblical Holiness? (Video)

What's the difference between Biblical holiness and pagan ideas about holiness?  Here's a new video slideshow of a teaching we did some time ago.

To view this video on YouTube, go to https://youtu.be/MphmjPJTFIo

Creative Commons credits:
The Lammermuir Party / Public domain
Priests of the Tabernacle by W.A. Foster /Public domain
The Miracle at the Grave of Elisha by Jan Nagel / Public domain
Laying on of hands by Russell Lee / Public domain
Scroll / Public domain
Derivative of Rembrandt Jesus 3 by freeparking / CC BY-NC 2.0 and
Disputa del Sacramento by Rafael / Public domain
Jesus and a Blind Man / Public domain
Jesus in the Home of Zaccheus / Public domain
Jesus Feeding Many Hungry People / Public domain
Schect.jpg / Public domain
Havdalah by Olaf Herfurth / CC BY-SA 3.0
The Tabernacle that the Israelites Built by W.A. Foster / Public domain

All other images are by the author.

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