Israel and Prophecy (Video)

Finally!  Here's a video of some of our Jewish Roots of Christianity Seminar (4a).  It's in English with a Chinese translation.  Continue below (or click "read more") to see the video.

Great Discoveries of the Bible Seminar (Audio)

Fantastic archeological discoveries are bringing the Old Testament to life!  Now you can listen to our entire Great Discoveries of the Bible Seminar free on-line, complete with notes and diagrams. Go to:

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The Teaching of David Instone-Brewer about Divorce (Review)

Q:  I just found out about your website and I am quite impressed.  I can see you are a faithful servant of God.  You taught me things about Noah's and Moses' Sinai covenant that I did not know before.

I also checked out your marriage and divorce info [see our article on Marriage, Divorce, and Singleness].  I recommend you check out as this area is one that is very easy to misunderstand verses and take them out of context and not realize it (e.g., many miss the buzzword in Matt 19:3 that restricts the context and then miss when the answer is actually given) ; it is also very easy to only teach a portion of what the Bible teaches and not realize it (e.g., many do not teach that God divorced Israel and the Biblical reasons He did so)... --Don J.

The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church (Review)

"Tomb of David" on Mt. Zion and the "Messianic Seal"
The symbol known as the "Messianic Seal" (pictured above) has become quite popular among Messianic believers in Jesus [Yeshua] and among Gentile believers interested in their Jewish roots.  It symbolizes the intimate connection between Judaism and Christianity which, from an historical point of view, can no longer be denied.  However a quite separate question related to this symbol is whether or not it is ancient.